Tips for Improving Client Engagement on Your Website

Charleston SEOOne of the biggest issues many business owners have is that their potential customers do not interact well with the website. The reason being is the website is not designed in a way that catches the visitors attention, so they poke around for a few minutes and then wander off to the search engines to find what they are looking for. Chances are good that once they leave your website that they are not going to be returning.

When first impressions are everything online, the following tips, from a leading Charleston SEO firm, for improving client engagement will go a long way in increasing your bottom line.

The first order of business is cleaning up all that clutter on the home page of your site. If you have a ton of articles, videos, banner ads, flashy graphics, you might as well start over. This isn’t the Vegas strip here, you have to get potential customers to interact and when they see all that clutter, subconsciously they hit the back button and run for the hills because this seems like a mess to them. Move relevant content above the fold and delete the clutter.

The buyers should be able to get to the pages they want in one click, so start focusing on improving your navigation bar. Once a potential customer clicks a link and winds up on the right page, give them something to do. Perhaps you could have a poll, a suggestion box, or a podcast sign-up. This is important that you get them to take action because once they leave, you don’t get another chance. If they at least leave their e-mail looking for more information, you can follow up with them at your convenience.

Videos are a great way to get customers to interact with your content because they can kick back and watch a few minutes, then click the link at the end for more information or go right to the order page. These videos are all the rage right now, and they make it easy for a potential customer to like, share, comment, or even follow your other social profiles. Give more than you expect in cash value and the visitors will take action.

Maybe they download a free report, take part in a brief survey, or request more information though your contact page. Any action means they are hooked, and then you slowly reel them in over time.

Make it easier for the traffic to interact and they will certainly start taking the desired actions from your website.


Tips for Getting Your Bid Accepted by a Home Owner

It doesn’t matter if it is a sellers or buyers market, getting the home owner to agree to the contract takes a little more than simply coming up with a price you think they might accept. Consider when it is a seller’s market and three people all put in full price offers, how can you separate yourself from the pack so you are assured of getting the property?

Homes for Sale in Charleston SCThe following tips from Premier One will help you to get your offer accepted by the home owners, visit them when looking for homes for sale in Charleston SC.

Now you might be working with the best real estate agent in your town, but that does not mean that they are working around the clock to find your home. These realtors are often juggling a half dozen or more clients at one time, so you have to be willing to do a little grunt work on your own. Go online every morning first thing to see if other real estate agencies in your town have posted anything newly listed. Although they all get access to the MLS the same time, some agencies are simply more efficient than others, and you could spot a house you love even before your realtor is aware that day. Soon as you see it, send your realtor a text of the MLS and schedule a walk-through that day, don’t delay.

When you are looking at a home you might be interested in, consider that the people living there have many memories there and they are having a difficult time letting go. Be respectful of their home, compliment them on their home, rave about how you think they took care of it, and build a relationship with the home owners. If you are respectful and you say nice things to the home owners and treat their time with value, they will remember you when they are looking at offers.

When making an offer on a house you must have, don’t play games. Don’t risk losing the house because of an insulting offer or you make too many demands. If this is the house, and you do not want to lose it, offer the sellers exactly what they want. To separate yourself from other full price offers, mention in the contract they will not have to fix anything, that you will make repairs if the inspector finds anything.

Now that you know what it takes to get that offer accepted, do not rest until that house of your dreams is finally yours.


Save Money Buying a Used Boat This Year from This Website

Boats for SaleIf you want to know why there are so many used boats for sale across the country, it is because those buyers bought new on impulse without having a plan or budgeting for all the mounting expenses. Owning a boat is truly a labor of love because many liken it to throwing endless amounts of cash in a hole that never is satisfied. There is a reason the happiest two days in a boat owners life are the days they bought and sold their boat, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Consider these reasons for buying a slightly used boat this year from a leading listing site from Jet Skis to Pontoon Boats !

First off, so many boat owners need to sell their boats before they even had a chance to enjoy time out on the water. That means the boat is still in new condition, and the engine barely has hours on it. You may also be able to have the warranty transferred between owners if it is still early enough. That alone is a huge savings you won’t have to be spending on future repairs.

The boat owner most likely has a trailer too, and since they are selling the boat, the trailer needs to go too. That is a huge cost when buying new, so if you have decent negotiating skills, you could secure both the boat and the trailer for a real bargain. That is a huge expenditure you will not have to be making down the road either.

If the boat owner truly bought on impulse, then they probably added a bunch of cool accessories to their boat. These can range from upgrades stereo systems, more powerful engines, to a custom galley. Regardless how much money they sunk into these changes, you get to reap the benefits because chances are you are going to get this boat at an incredible discount.

When you buy a boat, you have to go to boating safety classes and then buy a ton of safety equipment that must be on board before the boat can leave shore. Those life jackets, flotation devices, and weather radios are not cheap, and the boat owner is going to just want everything gone when they are selling so you get a huge score not having to buy all these supplies with your own cash.

Now you see why a used boat is such a smart investment, you already get a huge amount of boat equity value for just a little cash.